Armoured car chauffeur

Fufolia also offers armored transport service for armored cars. The armored car driver has the knowledge and experience to drive at security level with armored cars such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes S class armored and BMW 7 High Security classification B4 / VR4 - B6 / VR6 - B7 / VR7 - VR9 / VR10 armored .

Driving a secured car can be divided into three classes: lightly armored, heavily armored and extra heavily armored. Of the latter, few occur in Europe. Before the start of each assignment, a driving plan is always made with the safety measures that are desired and necessary.

In addition to experience, the driver has all the necessary certificates and diplomas for the panster car. It does not mean that even in dangerous and person-threatening situations the driver has driving skills that enable a safe arrival.

Driving an armored vehicle places high demands on the ability to drive and to anticipate myself as a driver. For example, account must be taken of abnormal driving behavior, for example due to the heavy weight of an armored vehicle. The use of the armored car as a defensive and preventive means occurs.

For example, the armored car can act as a "mobile safe house" at risky events, by placing the vehicle in a strategic location in the immediate vicinity of the person to be protected.

We offer our certified armoured special protection vehicles in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Denmark Netherlands, Belgium and outside the European countries.