Personal security guard

Fufolia leading partner in security services and personal protection officers. By deploying skilled security guards and support services, we work on solutions that unburden you!

The Fufolia security team takes that one step extra to be able to deploy higher in service provision, personal service and security, for you as an entrepreneur, family or private person in both business and private matters. A personal security officer works discreetly, in a disciplined manner, meticulously and with punctuality. We offer you the next level in safety with the finer points of personal service in the Netherlands, Belgium and abroad.

Personal security guard / bodyguard for secure transport

For unburdened private and business travel, Fufolia provides security at both low and increased threats in the event of aggression, stalking, firearms, violent incidents or attempted kidnapping.

Yacht Security and Harbor Security

Fufolia is an ISPS certified Yacht Port Facility & Security Officer in the field of Yacht and Harbor security. Curious about how we secure your yacht or ship in the port or terminal of Amsterdam, Rotterdam or another berth?

Security private jet or business jet at Airport and Airport

If you travel a lot by plane, your private jet or business jet, then you would prefer not to have a stranger with or in your plane, we will also take care of this, so that your plane is monitored and secured at the airports of Schiphol, Eindhoven, Rotterdam Airport, Antwerp, Brussels or Maastricht.

Healthcare security for healthcare institutions, correctional institutions and hospitals

For your employees or clients who are faced with situations involving violence, aggression or incomprehension in a care institution, penitentiary institution or hospital, we offer a Fufolia care security officer who is trained in this situation and knows how to keep calm and order in dangerous situations.

For your personal security guard, please contact us.