Business vip close protection chauffeur

Your business vip close protection chauffeur services for business & leisure, customized service and personal assistance.

Besides qualified and certified private business vip close protection chauffeur I am instructor and trainer for executive chauffeur, private chauffeur, VIP close protection chauffeur and armoured car  security vehicles. 

With over 10 years of driving experience as business vip close protection chauffeur for diplomatic level, army, police, families, private persons, business, town hall, the board, chairman staff and supervisory board, my competence and integrity is ensured.

My as business vip close protection chauffeur hiring, long term hiring or contract basis. I strive for excellent service that leads to perfection. Nothing less. I'am looking forward to meeting you.

My work experience business vip close protection chauffeur:

As business vip close protection chauffeur have work experience and knowledge to be able to take orders for the transportation of corporat clients, private family, VIP clients, companies, board members, private individuals, government, community and diplomatic level.

My attitude as a professional business vip close protection chauffeur is discrete, reliable, honest and I have the certificates, skills and experience required for business and private persons. I guide you, your guest or family as agreed by privat or business appointments at the office. Or for example, from the exit from the plane at the airport, VIP event or the hotel.

As business vip close protection chauffeur I'm trained to analyze risks in time and act adequately. Especially under pressure from threatening circumstances, it often comes down to small details. My riding style is smooth, comfortable and timed.

Qualified and certified business vip close protection chauffeur 
I follow the quality protocol. Which means I make preparations ahead of time to ensure your service runs smoothly. I adapt quickly and efficiently to unexpected situations like traffic jams, road works or a lower speed range.

Business business vip close protection chauffeur service
I have a wide range of knowledge in security and observation techniques, these techniques are used from the moment the journey begins until you are safe in the building. While driving from location A to location B I will observe if you are being followed or if drivers are more than average interested in the executive car, such as press or a stalker. It is not the intention to lose the stalker or the press with a high speed, but with tactical driving skills.

Graduated business vip close protection chauffeur 
For specific service at any risk level, the business vip close protection chauffeur knows how to apply techniques with a normal car, which will be applied only in extreme emergencies. As a business vip close protection chauffeur I drive safe, smooth and comfortable and I am trained to apply different technical driving security manoeuvres, with offensive driving in complex traffic situations. In threatening situations, as a business vip close protection chauffeurcontrolles techniques which bring the VIP into safety. For example kidnapping and deprive cars that deliberately block the road and whose driver has taken a threatening attitude.

Driver business vip close protection chauffeur 
I have followed the widest range of driving skills training for armored vehicles to act in emergency situations. As an business vip close protection chauffeur I am experienced in driving various classified armored cars as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and BMW security vehicles class B4/VR4 – B/6VR6 – B7/VR7 and the newest class B9/VR9. The heaviness of armour is divided into three groups, light, heavy and extra heavy armoured. The extra heavy armoured security vehicle is not common in Europe. I make a safety program of the trip from stepping into the car until the desired location and advise you briefly, personally and clearly about the intermediate steps.

Training skills business vip close protection chauffeur
Driver training Business vip close protection chauffeur  for business and leisere on circuit or public roads
Security instructor Business vip close protection chauffeur for army, police, diplomatic level and civilians
Trainer  Business vip close protection chauffeur car vehicle course executive private and close protection
Vehicles license: car and trailer driving licenses - truck and trailer driver licenses
business vip close protection chauffeur passenger service


business vip close protection chauffeur