VIP Executive driver

For certified executive chauffeur service we for business or pleasure traveling service in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Denmark Netherlands, Belgium and outside the European countries

We lend the ride quality of all our chauffeur through internal education, refresher training and day training for executive chauffeur who working for families, individuals, business clients, the board, chairperson, supervisory board, under Diplomatic Government.

The driving style of the executive chauffeur is supple, smooth, safe and timed. It is changed from defensive, self-confident to offensive tolerant driving style and achieved a high degree of driving safety and driving comfort.

By employing our executive chauffeur in our wide range of clients, is a natural screening for professionalism, integrity, discretion, commitment and confidentiality has been loosely established.

Fufolia provides high-quality private and business services with extensive overseas diplomatic experience for corporations, private families, private transport, business management and event transportation.

Training, advertising, recruitment, selection of executive chauffeur

As a European training institute Fufolia has an extensive database of well-qualified men and women, provided by Fufolia. The right candidate will be discreetly selected and monitored for your confidential positions during and during the period of employment.

Fufolia has all the data and experience of certified executive chauffeur. In this way, the chaff can be separated from the corn. We often use a background check for this. The person who does not fit into the Fufolia profile is excluded from being included in their database.

We are at your disposal for the certified driver service.