Armoured driver training Mercedes - BMW

Driving an armored vehicle makes high demands on the skills and anticipation of the driver. The driver must consider deviant behavior, for example, the heavy weight of an armored car. Also the use of the armored car as defensive and preventive means, is dealt during training on the agenda. For example, the armored car can act as mobile ‘safe house’ for protection, in risky events by placing the vehicle in a strategic place in the immediate vicinity (surroundings) of the person.

This training week with an armored car takes place on public roads. The student learns the (im) possibilities when driving an armored car. Besides that, the participants will learn to which boundary and under what conditions an armored vehicle provides safety in certain situations, such as the threat of firearms, violence and attempted kidnapping.

Security vehicles class VR4 – VR6 – VR7 and the newest armoured car class VR9

Program advanced armoured car chauffeur course

  • Vehicle Operation and management
  • braking technique
  • steering technique
  • Cornering technique
  • Overtake technique
  • Anticipate and traffic insight
  • Decision Skill
  • Collaboration with other traffic
  • Driving with higher average speeds
  • Preventive security aspects


At the end of the training the student can deal with the particular behavior of an armoured vehicle in a responsible way when driving with normal as well with higher speeds.