Close protection driver training

Fufolia offers a specific training service at any risk level, including the vip close protection chauffeur In emergency situations the driver knows to apply techniques with a normal car, which will be applied only in extreme emergencies.

A VIP protection chauffeur has to drives safe, smooth and comfortable and will be trained to apply different technical driving security-manoeuvres, with offensive driving in complex traffic situations.

In threatening situations, the vip close protection chauffeur controlles techniques which bring the VIP into safety. For example kidnaping and deprive cars that deliberately block the road and whose driver has taken threatening attitude.

Training VIP close protection chauffeur

Main Points training VIP close protection course:

  • The 5 days practical training takes place on public roads.
  • Practical examination is conducted by the instructor
  • Maxium number of participants two per instruction car.

Program advanced VIP close protection chauffeur training

  • Observation, observation technique and understanding traffic at higher speeds.
  • Learning to drive with an offensive tolerant driving style.
  • Detect and recognize risky situations in early stage.
  • Professional dealing with security matters, both private and business.
  • Monitoring and anticipation in heavy traffic.
  • Deepen  to compensatory technique and timed driving.
  • Cornering technique, bend lines.
  • Inconspicuous applying security driving techniques in everyday traffic.
  • Vehicle control.
  • Be able to apply a defensive or offensive tolerant assertive driving style, depending on the travel command .    
  • To master the car on a high ability level.