Private driver training

In the private chauffeur training you will learn a wide range of knowledge in security and observation techniques, these techniques are used from the moment the journey begins until you are safe in the building.

While driving from location A to location B  youw will iobserving if you are being followed or if drivers are more than average interested in the executive car, such as press or a stalker. It is not the intention for the private chauffeur to lose the stalker or the press with a high speed, but with tactical driving skills.

Training private chauffeur

Main Points private chauffeur course:

  • The 5 days practical private chauffeur training takes place on public roads.
  • Practical examination is conducted by the instructor.
  • Maxium number of participants two per instruction car. 

Program advanced private chauffeur training

  • Deepen in viewing techniques, understand the language of roads, signs and places.
  • Security training for the purpose of person-related risks.
  • Learning how to handle with  incidents.
  • Expansion braking and steering techniques Reversal techniques, every situation has its own technique.
  • Preventive safety training aspects and observation techniques.
  • Procedures for driving on a freeway and highway.
  • Driving bend lines and bend techniques.    
  • Overtaking procedure on single carriageways and associated overtaking technique.
  • Skill decision when driving in the Randstad and villages.
  • Multitasking. Learning to deal and work with Track & Trace systems.
  • Appropriate attitudes of the chauffeur. Social skills of the chauffeur.              
  • Service aspects of the chauffeur.                    
  • Traffic insight and anticipate the local situation.          
  • Combination with other road-users          
  • Devising and writing a (route) operator security.          
  • Entry and exit procedures for private and corporate events.