VIP close protection chauffeur

Fufolia has the experience to use secured means of transport in the event of impending attacks, stalking, firearms, violent incidents or attempted kidnappings. In complex traffic situations, the driver uses various driving safety maneuvers to bring the VIP to safety

For your VIP protection chauffeur service in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Denmark Netherlands, Belgium and outside the European countries

Every situation is unique and requires a professional approach. Because crucial decisions have to be made in no time, with the safety of you and the passenger (s) must be guaranteed.

  • Driver safety techniques for more secure service
  • Escape techniques in case of threat or threatening attitude
  • Turn 180 degrees slip / u turn backwards
  • Braking and cornering technology with increased speed
  • Driving with the following car and / or observation vehicle
  • Ability to improvise and take initiatives in risk situations
  • Certified VIP secured driver for security transports