Executive chauffeur Training

As accredited executive chauffeur trainer, Fufolia stands for quality for novice and advanced executive chauffeur training courses with broad training experience at home and abroad at diplomatic level for companies and the security sector.

In the professional executive chauffeur training you will learn the tricks of the professional executive chauffeur including how to read the language of the road and apply it as a competent executive chauffeur.

Price / costs executive chauffeur training

Fufolia offers you an all-in training price including a theory and practical exam for executive chauffeur . The costs for training executive chauffeur are incorporated into a competitive price executive chauffeur training

Location training executive driver course

We offer the professional driver training among other location in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg , USA, UK and Liechtenstein. The training can be done every week.

Main points executive chauffeur training:

  • The 5 days practical executive chauffeur training including exam day
  • The executive chauffeur training takes place on public roads.
  • The executive chauffeur training is taught in the languages English, German or Dutch.
  • Practical examination is conducted by the instructor
  • Requirement for Executive chauffeur training a valid driver’s license B

 Program advanced executive chauffeur training

  • Improved traffic insight.
  • Experience ABS / ESP while driving, steering and braking.
  • Development of new observation techniques.
  • Basis executive chauffeur training on security looking, thinking and perceiving.
  • Enlarge the monitoring and anticipation.
  • Control and knowledge of the proper cornering techniques.
  • Improving operation and control of the car.
  • Operation of navigation and use communication equipment
  • You will learn during the Executive chauffeur training, the benefits of an automatic gearbox.
  • Language of the road and viewing techniques while driving during darkness.
  • Performing basic safety checks Understanding Track & Trace systems.